To our visitors 

Firstly, let me thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

My name is "David Wardle" Founder of the group/site/community.

After losing yet another close friend to suicide, I decided to setup this whole community for ANYONE whom maybe feels "lost" or alone or even just needs somewhere confidential to have a chat or find help to any questions or queries they might have

I am personally diagnosed with various mental health problems, but through the freedom of the correct information regarding my issues, am able to deal with these diagnoses with a lot more ease and understanding.

However, I have lost many close friends and loved ones due to feeling the need to take their own life and my goal is to reach out to ALL those in hours of darkness, hoping we can prevent this happening as much as humanly possible as it leaves not only deep sadness but a wake of devastation behind with the families that suffer such a sad loss.

Within this site "updated daily" you will find a lot of useful information and even if needs be a 100% confidential chat with our Group Supoort Members

Also as this site progresses there will also be dedicated tribute pages to all who would like to do so in regards to losing a friend or relative, whether it be suicide or any other form of passing and anyone can make their tribute by simply requesting such a tribute and I shall add this on our Gone to soon page.

This site is still in progress and will be updated accordingly and as often as the opportunity is given.

Many thanks to you "visitor" and if you have any further questions or queries please feel free to fill in our "form" on the Contact Us page.

Many thanks and PLEASE share our group if you could.

Mr David L Wardle