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 David Wardle "Group Founder"


As you can see. My Name Is David and I am the founder of this fast growing community.

As stated in the "brief Introduction" page, I am diagnosed with various, complicated mental health issues, such as] Manic Depression, anxiety, also panic attacks and other issues which were extremely difficult for me to discuss with ANYONE, including countless physiatrists, psychologists and other mental health related organisations as I did NOT want to appear "MAD/CRAZY"

I have an EXTENSIVE wealth of mental health education due to my even more extensive "Forensic" dealings with all aspects of mental health/bereavement and a lot lot more.

I have studied in GREAT detail, many many issues regarding my lack of understanding of myself, my feelings, compulsions etc. and have therefor built up a huge repertoire of the workings of the human mind and how to understand, or cope with these issues.

If you would like to ask me any questions or would like some assistance with your own personal issues, or someone you know who may be suffering please feel free to click the given "Contact" option to chat directly to any of the "Listeners"/.Support Group" of your choice by filling in the form below.

Thank you



Hi there visitor, My role within this "Group/Community"  has various different  subjects.

A little about myself. I am currently diagnosed with suffering "Anxiety" & "Depression" and I am currently receiving the necessary treatment for this.

I have myself quite a good knowledge and understanding of my illness and would therefor like to share my "Experiences" And/or Knowledge database of such issues.

I also am more than happy to help you with any question/query you might have and will endeavour to help you with this and try to help you with whatever your issue may be.

If you would like to message me/chat with me or just have a question please fill in the form below stating my "Listener" name (Victoria)

And I will get in touch with you at the earliest possible opportunity, and I very much look forward to helping yourself.

Victoria -"Head Admin/Listener"


Zoe & Kim

Zoe`s experiences are as follows:

 I "Zoe" suffer with anxiety and has done since she was about 10 she has suffered with depression after the loss of her mum she now suffers with fibromyalgia which in turn causes major anxiety depression she doesn't like leaving the house anymore (although she is working on this bit slowly) she suffers with separation anxiety from being young as well.

You Can message us using our contact form below and Stating "Zoe And Kim" in the "desired "Listener" section and we look forward to helping you.

 Su Manning

There have been times in my life when I have felt as if things could not have been so bad like alot of other people in this world I have had my fair share of highs and lows.ten I came across this community group fir a while I dipped in and out of the group then plucking up the courage I wrote my first comment was not long after that thought to myself I have a vast amount of knowledge and life experience may be I could help listen and offer support to others I have some free time so i became part of the ~admin/support~ hope all your days have a little sunshine x

If you Would Like to request a chat with me or any queries etc then please remember to request "Su Manning"

Thank you & I look forward to helping you.

Su X

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